Member Handbook

Members Hard at Work at OpenWorks

Our Purpose, Mission, Culture, and Vision

It’s important stuff, so we have a full page on our purpose, mission, vision, and culture.

House Rules

We’re not big on rules. Rule 1 and Respect for others pretty much covers all aspects of fostering a productive community. That said, here are a few specifics worth mentioning:

  • Rule 1: Leave things as good or better than they were found.
  • Don’t abuse the internet bandwidth.
  • Zero-tolerance for illegal file-sharing or abusing the utilities for activities like crypto mining.

Leave things better for the next person, they do the same, and the cycle continues.

Simple Examples: Push in chairs, put ink or paper in the printer, clean spills, remove refrigerator clutter, put dishes in the dishwasher.

Sound Level

  • Expect the sound to oscillates between library and coffee shop throughout the day.
  • If it’s noisy, and / or you need to focus, then put on headphones or grab a booth.
  • Try not to interrupt someone wearing headphones.
  • Desks calls are fine, but please keep the volume at or below the level of a coffee shop conversation.
  • Speakers should not be used.

Membership Rates and Benefits

We’re always striving to improve the value and experience, so see our “Become a Member” page for current rates and member benefits.

Synergy Mill Corporate Membership

Active members may access the Synergy Mill maker space for free via our corporate membership and after a $50 one-time setup fee due to OpenWorks.

How to Join Synergy Mill

  1. Fill out our interest form
  2. AND, tour with Joey Loeman by signing up for an “Open House” or “Hack Night” event. If you can’t attend during one of these scheduled evens, then try to contact Joey directly at (makers [at]
  3. After touring Synergy Mill and deciding to join, contact Jim ops [at] and we’ll send the one-time $50 setup fee invoice.

Gym / Fitness Center

Gym access and daily-use lockers are free for full-time members after filling out the gym waiver.


  • Invoices are auto-emailed the 1st of the month and should be paid electronically by debit or credit card.
  • Click “View & Pay” in the email and the top-left corner of the website has links to Print and download (PDF). The payment form is on the right side.
  • Automatic overdue reminders are sent after 3, 7, and 14 days.


Full-Time Desks

  • The space above and below the desk footprint is yours, so cabinets and such are fine.
  • 99% of the time we’ll have new and used inventory of the IKEA two desk options

Want a standing desk?

You find/build your own standing base to go along with one of the two IKEA tops above. We expect black legs that fit within/under the footprint of the top.

Members have used systems like:

If you need to sell back your desk, then OpenWorks will typically put it in a queue for new members.

Events and Meeting Rooms

Rooms available to full-time members include:

The reservation system has a couple quirks, so please see our tips for reserving a room if you’re having trouble with the interface.

These rooms are shared with the tenants of 3rd floor and fellow OW members and we expect members to keep the number of all-day or multiple-room reservations to a minimum. When multiple room or multiple day events are under consideration please start a conversation with ops@.

Outside communities can generally be hosted on nights and weekends with the expectation that a member sponsor each event.

For paid events, or those which otherwise aren’t a match for fair use, we are able to offer a 25% discount to members for event and conference space via a local downtown partner
(Members Must Login to Basecamp or Further Details)

Mail and Package Delivery

There are no mailboxes available to members. Please do not send mail to 101 North Main. If you need to send a one-time item, like a Google Local validation postcard, then give a heads up to

If package delivery is necessary, then please use the following format:

Person’s Name
Organization Name
101 N Main St
Third Floor Suite 302 Area {insert your area code, based on the overhead lights}
Greenville, SC 29601


Parking is not included in Membership. However, we do maintain a list of nearby parking, which anyone can edit.


Bikes can be locked up:

  • outside on one of many plaza racks
  • inside OpenWorks on the wall rack. Bikes should enter / exit through the 3rd floor, and not the lobby or elevators. Wall racks are for daily use. Overnight or weekend storage should be the rare exception, not the rule.
  • under covered / indoor racks on the plaza-level of the Aloft parking deck.

Trash & Recycling

  • We have centralized trash under the community printer. If a personal can is needed, then expect to dump your small can it into this can. Housekeeping is not expected to service personal trash cans.
  • There is a trash compacter / dumpster behind the building on Richardson St.
  • The building no longer recycles, but we have an aluminum bin in the kitchen area. Please consider bringing home cardboard or other recyclables.


OpenWorks is dog-friendly for well-mannered dogs. However, dogs may only enter / exit through the parking decks and should remain in OpenWorks’ area.

We have an exception from the building owner, so please use it but don’t abuse it.

Please keep fur off the couches and use the vacuum behind the phone booth if there’s an accumulation of fur within the space.

Business License

The City of Greenville expects businesses to obtain a business license. Tax abatements (discounts) are available for non-profits, certain “high-growth” industries, and for new organizations. OpenWorks’ occupancy permit # is 15-1854.

There is a community printer/scanners available for light jobs. See our printer notes for more on setup, ink levels, replacing ink, etc.

Keys, Security and Insurance

  • The last member out of the OpenWorks room (suite 302) is expected to close our door.
  • Building hours are Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM. However, full-time members have access 24/7 to the 3rd floor and OpenWorks.
  • Member property is NOT covered by OpenWorks insurance – you are encouraged to purchase your own insurance if you have things worth insuring.
  • One key fob for each full-time paid desk since we expect one person per membership.
  • Members may loan their key to a friend/guest if/as needed, but the member agreement makes a member liable for guest actions.
  • Fee for lost key fob is $35.00
  • Key fobs are to be be returned to OW when members leave or downsize.
  • OpenWorks’ door will lock when closed, but we like to keep our door propped open when there are multiple members present and no external problems.
  • Security guard (864-420-9683) and building contacts are listed under the glass near the community printer.

Communication Channels

  • We use Basecamp for chat, ideas, and managing tasks tasks.
  • Maintenance / Repairs – something broken? Please email ops @ and we’ll create a work order for the building.
  • Security and building contacts are listed under the glass near the community printer.

Moving In

The lobby elevators should not be used. Please use the Richardson St or Aloft parking deck entrance.


For fire code reasons we’re not allowed to use extension cords of any length. Only UL approved power strips with over-current protection may be used. All power strips should be plugged directly into the 4-outlet power blocks coming from the overhead reels. If all 4 outlets are in use then we have, or will add, additional 25 foot power strips to supplement.

Personal heaters and most appliances are not allowed, per our lease agreement.

To Be Continued….

Lots more nuts and bolts information is available in our General Notes.

Getting Started