Become a Member

Downtown Greenville workspace for as little as $100/month? There’s a catch…The OPENWORKS space is made possible through collective efforts. We encourage members to be involved with the space on a deeper level than just renting space for a 9-5. Get your homework done and then help make the space better for everyone by championing projects and community growth.

Sorry, daily and weekly passes are not an offering.

Compare Monthly Membership Benefits

Part-time Full-time
Price Per Month $100 $195
Key fob for 24/7 access to the space No fob. Access Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM,
but stay as late as you want
Month-to-month terms
Prorated based on start date. Scale-up, scale-down as needed
150/150 Mbps Fiber-optic internet
Wi-Fi throughout the 3rd floor and sitting outside in ONE Plaza
Shared common areas
couches, tables, bar, and casual areas
Free access to Synergy Mill maker space
via our corporate membership (a value of $59/month)
Flexible space to host community meetups
Kitchen access
coffee machine, microwave, refrigerators, freezer, and dishwasher
Phone booths and semi-private spaces
Take calls, video chats, and casual meetings
Influence OpenWorks’ projects and direction
Your own dedicated desk
Two 16-person conference rooms overlooking ONE Plaza
Free use of gym and two private showers on our floor
Two first-come meeting rooms
Price Per Month $100 $195

Need more than 1 membership / desk?

  • Part-time Memberships – no discounts available
  • 2 Full-time Memberships – $370 ($185/each)
  • 3 Full-time Memberships – $555 ($185/each)
  • 4 Full-time Memberships – $740 ($185/each)
  • 5 Full-time Memberships – $925 ($185/each)
  • 6 Full-time Memberships – $1110 ($185/each)