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A downtown Greenville cowork space + gym membership + access to a makerspace + a lot more for as little as $100 per month? How is this possible?

We are a local, member-run community space built specifically to help people and organizations do good work.

We cover our costs instead of funneling profits to fat cats.

Compare Our Monthly Memberships

Heads up: daily and weekly passes are not an offering

Part-time Full-time
Price Per Month $100 $195
Your own dedicated desk
Key fob for 24/7 access to the space No fob, but open access Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM.
Stay as late as you want.
Two 16-person conference rooms overlooking ONE Plaza
Two first-come meeting rooms
Fiber-optic internet
Wi-Fi throughout the floor + outside in ONE Plaza
Shared common areas
couches, tables, bar, and casual areas
Free use of gym, lockers, & two private showers on our floor
Free access to Synergy Mill maker space
via our corporate membership (a value of $69/month)
Month-to-month terms
Prorated based on start date. Scale-up, scale-down as needed
Flexible space to host community meetups
Kitchen access
coffee machines, microwave, refrigerators, freezer, and dishwasher
Phone booths and semi-private spaces
Take calls, video chats, and casual meetings
Influence OpenWorks’ projects and direction
Price Per Month $100 $195

Need more than 1 membership / desk?

  • Part-time Memberships – no discounts available
  • 2 Full-time Memberships – $370 ($185/each)
  • 3 Full-time Memberships – $555 ($185/each)
  • 4 Full-time Memberships – $740 ($185/each)
  • 5 Full-time Memberships – $925 ($185/each)
  • 6 Full-time Memberships – $1110 ($185/each)