Event Sponsors and Expectations

Event Sponsors

We expect events to be “sponsored” by at least one key-holding member. For recurring events, we’ve found that two or more sponsors are best, in case the primary sponsor is not available.

When a member sponsors an event it entails:

  • attending the event
  • reserving the event space on the calendar
  • letting guests in / out
  • being the primary point of contact for organizers and guests
  • helping setup and break down tables, chairs, projector, sound, etc
  • cleaning up and moving any big trash and recycling to the proper locations
  • generally returning the space back to how it was before the event

These expectations developed because we don’t have paid staff to fulfill an event manager role. Therefore, members are asked to volunteer to support the organizations about which they care.

When Reservation Fees May Be Requested

While we enjoy the buzz of hosting, events which are closed to the public and/or require a paid ticket may come with additional expectations.

Likewise, frequent reserved use of an event spaces may lead to requests for reservation fees.