Guest Access

Where is the Building?

OpenWorks is located on the 3rd floor of 101 North Main St in one of the tallest buildings (16 floors) in downtown Greenville, SC. This building has the CANAL name and logo on the top of the building, and above the main plaza entrance, but it was formerly known as the “Bank of America building”.

The 101 building is handicapped accessible and is not directly on Main Street. It’s set-back from Main Street on the far end of ONE City Plaza, between the Aloft hotel and the Richardson St. Parking Garage.

I’m Arriving During Normal Business Hours

If visiting for a meeting, meetup, or other event during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, you should be able to:

  • Enter via the ground floor lobby doors.
  • Go past the security desk to the elevators (you do not need to check-in at the desk).
  • Proceed to the 3rd floor via the elevators or stairs.
  • Proceed to the brighter area when exiting the elevators / stairs and you’ll find the conference rooms are near the kitchen.

I’m Arriving After Hours for a Special Event

  • IF your host directs you to enter through the 3rd Floor Richardson Street Parking Garage deck door + you’re arriving outside of normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM) + the lobby is locked, then, the host may have a temporary doorbell at the 3rd floor deck of the City of Greenville’s Richardson Street Garage entrance door into OpenWorks.
  • The 3rd floor deck of this parking garage is directly connected to the 3rd floor (yellow floor signage) of OpenWorks’ building. This entrance is always locked, and normally does not have a doorbell, beside for special events when your host expects to let visitors arrive through this door.
  • The Aloft hotel garage is also connected to the building, on the other side, but event hosts typically do not put up a temporary doorbell for access from that garage. Please plan to use the lobby door (during normal business hours) or Richardson Street Garage door (when directed to do so by your host), and avoid the Aloft parking garage whenever possible.

An animated guide for after hours special event access from ONE City Plaza to the 3rd floor Richardson Street Garage entrance into OpenWorks.

I’m Locked Out!

This should be considered a last resort option if you can’t get in through other means. The building security can be reached at 864-420-9683 .Tell them you’re attending an event at OpenWorks on the 3rd floor and they should be able to guide you to OpenWorks.

Where to Park

Street parking is typically free for up to 2-hours, but some spots have other limits (loading zone, 1 hour), so pay attention to signage if you’re parking on the City’s streets. If you find a “2 hour spot” you can effectively part for free from 4:00 PM, since parking restrictions end at 6:00 PM. On-street parking is typically free on weekends.

The City’s Richards Street Garage Garage is the closest, and typically the easiest, garage, so we recommend it if you need paid parking. Check the City’s page for rates and other details. This is the best deck for after hours access into OpenWorks.

How Do I Go From Main Street Through ONE City Plaza?

This map shows ONE City Plaza, North Main street, and surrounding points of reference.

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